I love collaborating with like-minded brands to help showcase their vision and mission through
authentic sotorytelling and relatable messages that connect with the public.

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I have partnered with many destinations from Orlando, Florida to Monterrey, California  and pictured to the left is from my 2017 partnership with Cayman Islands Tourists Board to showcase the Seafire resort, beaches, tours, and local dining.

Workshops / Speaking

I enjoy speaking on a variety of topics from motivational topics to hands on workshops. Pictured to the right is during my partnership with the Beer Bloggers Conference & Visit Milwaukee when I spoke at the Annual National Conference on "Turning Your Passion Into Profit."

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I love collaborating withusinesses  that fit within my life authentically. I enjoy sharing new products, grand openings, cool restaurants and helpful; services with my followers and readers as long as their mission and standards align with mine.

Family Influencer

As a mother of two, I can relate to the mom audience and therefore love working on family-focused campaigns.

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