The ache of what never will

"You were unsure which pain is worse- the shock of what happened or the ache of what never will."

I lost my favorite person in my life in 2011 to a short battle of lung cancer. On top of the shock of losing my grandfather, a significant person who played a monstrous part in my life for 29 years, I felt the pain of knowing that my son (whom I was 3 months pregnant with) would never know his love.

I still live with both of these heartaches. The shock and pain never really goes away, it just moves to the back burner as life goes on. But the influence of these life aches create the journey in life that is uniquely yours. Though not always easy, I have learned to turn the pain into something positive!

This month I partnered with the Lung Cancer Association of South Florida to raise awareness and money for the shocking statistics about Lung Cancer. This is one way I give back to the shock that he died from this deadly cancer and shine light from my pain. Check out the photos from my Turquoise Takeover event at Lona inside the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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