He makes her or he breaks her

"A father holds his daughter's hand for a little while, but he holds her heart forever."

My dad gave me the greatest gift any person could ever give a little girl or a grown woman....he always believed in me and still does. Regardless of what I am doing, he is there to support, to watch and never doubts. And therefore I never doubt him- if my dad can't fix it- then I no one can ;)

Good fathers often don't get enough credit for the impact they have on their kids. A good dad teaches a girl how to value herself, he teaches her what respect looks like, he empowers her to take care of herself, he teaches her to be independent while showing her how a princess should be treated, he pushes her to not give up and he shows her what safe arms feel like---all lessons learned subtlely and without words because it is in a man's actions that show his true character. It is those lessons that determine how her life looks...who she will yes a good dad is so important to a daughter because he makes or breaks her just as her mom does.

I am grateful for my dad because he is a great one!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my forever handyman, margarita-drinking buddy, travel anywhere anytime buddy, always can count on man, the one I got my cute checks first love- Randy Young!

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