Becoming more confident to grow your success

Confidence comes and goes in a woman's life based on the stages and phases she's is experiencing. People we are around can either build or destroy our confidence. But in order to accomplish the success we as women want in all aspects of life, confidence has to grow deep within ourselves that no one or thing can take it away.

I am in no way an expert at confidence; I am still learning to be confident with my body, my dreams, my opinions and my parenting. But once you build a sense of confidence that does not waiver I guarantee you that nothing and no one will be able to interfere with your dreams and success. So I want to share with you five things that I learned that helps create this important side of confidence.

Five things you can do to create a more confident you

1. SUPPORT & UPLIFT OTHER WOMEN The most confident women in the world know that jealousy will lead you nowhere good. It’s critical that women help each other grow by teaching, encouraging and supporting one another. I have seen the success that grows through a positive and supportive network of females all on a mission to find the better version of theirselves. Find a group where you can not only uplift but you can be uplifted too. That is what my new luncheon launching in 2020 will be all about: Growth through support, inspiration and empowerment!


Confident women know how to tell people what they do and what they’ve accomplished. It’s not bragging, it’s being proud of who you are and how far you have come. No one can know your goals and success better than you. If you are not proud of all you have worked for than how can someone else be.


There is nothing harder on your self-esteem than being overwhelmed by a situation because you were not prepared. Being prepared is one of the easiest things to do. You will enter any situation with more grace and relaxation if you are prepared for what is coming at you. Your preparation will come through to others, the situation will be a success and your confidence will soar.


Confident women feel comfortable in their own skin. They appreciate their own beauty and accept their flaws. Don't allow someone or societal standards make you feel bad about how you look...embrace the beauty of YOU!


Bad things happen along with the good. But remaining positive even through the challenges will allow you to find a solution faster. Your vibe really does attract your tribe. Keeping a positive mindset will draw more positive people into your circle which will then create a network of supportive, uplifting cheerleaders that have your back! And having the right group of people on your side gives you that extra confidence boost on the days you need them!

"The qualities I admire most in females are positivity, kindness and confidence." -mandy

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