About Mandy Michelle

A wearer of many hats: mom of two, published writer, event producer, and freelance model-based in South Florida.


She will always says that her first and most important job is mommy. Her children inspire and motivate her success in all areas of her life. She wants them to understand that there is only one life to enjoy: so happiness is the goal, kindness is important, dreams are worth chasing and time is valuable because it cannot be regained. 


Life is not easy, success doesn't happen on your own and having a support system is critical. Mandy has built a great community of women throughout South & Southwest Florida. Housewives In The City allows her to organize great events to bring women together in a supportive and fun atmosphere!


Small businesses are the foundation of our communities and Mandy creates events to help locals support small business through unique experiences and markets. From Sunday Brunch & Brews to Rock the Block on Breakers and Mimosa Morning Markets, Locally Yours Florida I her new and growing means of connecting people to places on a local level!

Always eager for new opportunities to diversify her portfolio of work, Mandy is constantly seeking to work with new clients, brands and photographers. If you’re interested in learning more about Mandy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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